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What Is

The Widow's Peek?

"Go and make disciples in all the nations." Matthew 28:19

God uses tragedy and grief to teach us, deepen our faith, and shape us into the individuals we were created to be, for the purpose He created us to fulfill. And God still has a plan for the widowed.


The Widow's Peek represents peeking ahead into the life God has for each widow and widower in the days ahead, days past the long journey of grief and adjustment to life without our partner.


This site has been put together for a two-fold purpose. The first is so newly widowed men and women can be encouraged by the stories of victory from those who have gone before them. The second is to connect the widowed community to learn and be encouraged by one another. Books, studies, discipleship materials, and other resources are also provided (or will be soon) through this site to help the widowed, their friends, loved ones, and the Church. We hope to educate others as to help widows and widowers in ways that truly guide them into life beyond widowhood, a life that fulfills God's plan and brings joy to all who are transformed because of it.


We are passionate about what God can do in the lives of widows, widowers, their children/families and the world around them. We'd like you to meet the amazing community of people God has drawn together from around the world to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who might otherwise drown in sorrow.

We provide tools and resources to guide and encourage widowed men and women through the stages of widowhood to find joy, peace and their place in life again

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Our Mission

Support groups are a great platform for widows and widowers to hear and learn from the insight and experiences of others. They can also delay the healing process if they simply hash out the hurt without offering hope for something beyond the hurt, questions, pain, and anger.


God's Word is the most powerful tool to help the widowed move beyond widowhood. For this reason, we provide Biblical and practical resources for the widowed, their friends and their family members.


The widow's journey is personal and unique but God's Word brings hope, comfort, direction, and wisdom for all who seek life beyond widowhood.



Our Vision

We desire to help the Church of Jesus Christ understand how to fulfill the Biblical mandate to care for the widow and fatherless in practical as well as spiritual ways, here and around the world.


One day we hope to join widows of every culture    in celebration as together we experience the satisfying joy found only in Jesus Christ. 

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